Steven Ealy

Dr. Steven D. Ealy (Ph.D., Political Science, University of Georgia) is a Senior Fellow at Liberty Fund, an Indianapolis based educational foundation. He serves on the Board of Visitors for the Pepperdine University School of Public Policy, and is a Contributing Editor of Conversations on Philanthropy and a member of the Advisory Editorial Board for Society. Recent publications include “Robert Penn Warren Too Narrowly Perceived” (The South Carolina Review, 2011), “Foreword” to Eugene F. Miller, Hayek’s ‘The Constitution of Liberty’: An Account of Its Argument (IEA, London, 2010), “Eric Voegelin Partly Seen” (The Sewanee Review, 2010), “The Evolution of Rule of Law in Hayek’s Thought, 1935-1955,” Mercatus Center at George Mason University Working Paper No. 10-38 (2010), “Publius on ‘Liquidation’ and the Meaning of the Constitution,” in History on Proper Principles: Essays in Honor of Forrest McDonald, (ISI Books, 2010), “Robert Penn Warren’s Encounter with Thomas Jefferson in Brother to Dragons,” (Mississippi Quarterly, 2009), and “ ‘A friendship that has meant so much’: Robert Penn Warren and Ralph W. Ellison,”  in Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man”—New Edition,edited by Harold Bloom (Infobase Publishing, 2009).