Panels and Paper Titles

First Panel:  Invisible Man 60 Years Later: Ellison’s Masterpiece in the 21st Century

Patrice Rankine, “The Body and Invisible Man: Ralph Ellison’s Novel in Twenty-First Century Performance and Public Spaces”

Herman Beavers, “The Noisy Lostness: Disordered Histories and Iterative Flows in Invisible Man”

Robert Butler, “Invisible Man and the Politics of Love”

Bryan Crable, “Invisible Man in the Time of Obama: Ellison on (Color)blindness, Visibility, and the Hopes for a Postracial America”

Second Panel

Three Days Before the Shooting . . .: Ellison’s Ongoing Epic of America

Marc Conner, “Father Abraham:  Ellison’s Agon with the Fathers in Three Days Before the Shooting . . . “

Lena Hill, “The Politics of Fatherhood in Three Days Before the Shooting…“.

Timothy Parrish, “In the Tradition of Musil: Reading Ellison’s Second Novel as a Modernist Masterpiece”

Grant Shreve, “‘For Love of the Farther Shore’: Three Days Before the Shooting . . . and Ellison’s Ethics of Form.”

Third Panel

Ralph Ellison and American Culture: Ellison Past, Present, and Future

Steven Ealy, “Jack-the-Bear’s Grandfather and the American Dream.”

Pamela Jensen, “Ralph Ellison and Multi-cultural America”

Peter Schramm, “Ralph Ellison Thinking Acts of Democratic Faith”

Lucas Morel, “‘In A Strange Country’:  The Challenge of American Inclusion”